The ancestors of all of us lived as hunter-gatherers.  They lived surprisingly healthy and fulfilling lives.  Compare our own modern lives with how hunter-gatherers lived and still live.  Go here:.
What exactly did hunter-gatherers eat?
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Foraging for food is how h-g people survived.  You can try foraging for wild edible and medicinal plants and mushrooms in your own neighborhood.  Go here:

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Who Are The Hunter-Gatherers?

Hunter-Gatherers are people living in societies that sustain themselves by foraging, hunting, and fishing.  They have few if any possessions.  While there are a few dozen hunter-gatherer groups left on earth today, they represent the oldest and perhaps most successful human lifestyle ever, having been a lifestyle of humans continuously for two million years.  It was only about 10,000 years ago that farming began, which led to the culture in which most humans are now a part.  If we go back far enough, all of our ancestors were hunter-gatherers.
There is much to be learned from hunter-gatherers, and much of it is surprising.  Hunter-gatherers lived in egalitarian societies, in which everyone, male and female and old and young, were treated as equals.  They were generally healthy, not afflicted with the chronic diseases of modern civilization, such as diabetes, obesity, dental decay,  coronary heart disease, and high blood pressure.  They lived surprisingly fulfilling lives and had far more leisure time than we do, having only to work an average of three or four hours a day.  Most groups live in relatively peaceful societies. 
Hunter-gatherers lived the ultimate and maybe the only sustainable lifestyles that humans have come up with, something we can only dream of doing today as more and more of the earth's resources become diminished and poisoned.  They lived and left the world when they died much as they found it.
Find out more about our past, and these fascinating people with whom we still share our world.
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