Gator Axles – There are many brands, models on the market today

There are many brands, models, and types of gator axes on the market today. Some of the most popular brands are named Affluenza, Buck Knuckle, Hell’s Gate, King Pin, Mantra, Nashville Ax, Pinnacle, Rock River, Sunstar, Trijicon, and Windforce. The basic design is based on the same axles as other utility vehicles used by truck drivers such as 18 wheelers. The differences begin with the frame.

Gator axles – The most popular brand!

There are three major types of gator axles, each with its own benefits. They are: factory axles, which have the weight and power of a custom made unit; sub-contractors, which are made to order and have much less weight and power than factory units; and super-contractors, which are almost identical to factory units, except they are assembled in a warehouse and shipped to your site. Each has advantages, disadvantages, and advantages depending on the application. Some of the pros/cons of each type of gator axle are:

Factory Axles. Almost all super-contractors and sub-contractors assemble their gator axles with used motors from the factory. Because the motor must be new, gator drivers often choose to buy from these units to ensure reliability. However, since these units are not stocked in the factory, drivers must fill in the necessary technology sheet with the appropriate size motor. If the super-contractor does not have a tech sheet or has a limited amount of stock, the driver must fill in the appropriate information.

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