cheap outdoor furniture

If you are looking for cheap outdoor furniture, you have many options. There is the plastic type, which is usually made out of low grade polyethylene and has no insulation at all. This will only stand to rot and mildew, plus there are no cushioning and no type of locking mechanism so that it cannot be pulled down by the wind.

How to find Cheap Outdoor Furniture

Most outdoor furniture consists of aluminum or made from recycled cans. It is very low cost compared to wood, but it is not weather resistant and can be damaged by severe weather conditions. Also, it is extremely heavy and will not be comfortable to sit on for long periods of time, plus they usually do not have any type of cushioning at all for comfort. Just remember to check for the durability before you buy them. Some of these sets are just going to fall apart in a matter of months if you do not maintain them properly.

The wicker or rattan is much more expensive than plastic, and this can be both a plus and a minus. It is light weight and looks very natural in any climate condition, but it can not withstand very strong storms and winds like metal can. Also, it is very easy to damage, and if not properly maintained, it will rust and break down over time, and then it would essentially be like new wood furniture. There are very cheap metal outdoor furniture sets out there that use high quality, durable, and heavy duty material.

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