Scheduling Home Inspections in Charlotte

Although not technically required, call now home inspections in Charlotte are highly recommended as the buyer. If you don’t have a home inspection done, there is no way to know if you have been treated fairly by the seller or not. As the buyer, you can only make your purchase agreement contingent upon the outcome of the inspection.


So what exactly does home inspections consist of? Well, most typically home inspections consist of a standard home inspection checklist. However, if a home inspection is requested by the buyer the home inspector will most likely include an asbestos assessment and a review of the building’s plumbing system. He may also include a random testing of air ducts, refrigerator and heat exchangers, lighting, electrical system, roofing, interior finish, visible insulation, and visible insulation leaks. The goal of the home inspector is to provide the buyer with confidence that the condition of the property has been professionally inspected and that there are no unreported problems.


When scheduling home inspections in Charlotte it is important to keep in mind that many sellers are more than happy to have the inspection done if they believe that it will raise their chances of selling the house. Buyers should never feel pressured to take out the home inspection even if they have agreed to take it out on their own. In fact, if you have any reservations about the home inspection or feel that the price is too high don’t take out the policy until you’ve taken it out. Taking out the policy doesn’t mean that the home inspection will be bad, it means that it is what the seller wants and what the buyer needs.

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