Unique German Christmas Traditions

german christmas traditions

Most people associate German Christmas customs with the Christmas tree. A giant Christmas tree decorated with shimmering lights, mistletoe and evergreen leaves is certainly a festive sight on any table during the Christmas season. But there is much more to German Christmas celebrations than just the big tree. German Christmas customs and traditions have been steeped in history and mystery for centuries. One of the most popular German Christmas customs is Christmas shopping. Although German and English holiday customs are now inseparable, there are also some noticeable differences worth investigating.

How to Know About Unique German Christmas Traditions

Probably one of the most obvious things that set German Christmas traditions apart from the rest of the world’s is the Christmas tree. Unlike what many may think, german Christmas trees don’t usually feature decorations – they’re simply huge, elaborately painted and decorated versions of traditional Christmas trees from across the pond. But what makes these trees so unique is the German Christmas tradition of giving them as gifts to friends and family back home. Traditionally, Germans would give gifts to their loved ones back in Germany, in the hope that one day they would be able to visit them and catch up on all the latest Christmas news. Today, anyone who wishes to make or receive a gift of a German Christmas tree has several options to choose from, ranging from pre-lit or unlit Christmas trees, traditional candy canes, delicious chocolate gift baskets, German Christmas trees decorated with ornaments to even more unique items such as giant German Christmas balls.

There are a number of other less traditional German Christmas traditions to check out as well. Some of the most popular include decorated Christmas trees, decorated Christmas wreaths, beautiful handmade ornaments and Christmas cards that are wrapped in colorful paper. Some of the most unusual decorations include glass Christmas trees, which are usually filled with Christmas candy, or German Christmas trees dressed up as different animals or people.

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