For some, there is nothing quite like the taste of pure, clean, 100% safe bottled water. Others prefer to purchase their water directly from the source – local supply, state water plants, reservoirs, or municipal treatment facilities. Whatever method of obtaining pure, clean, and chemical-free Drink Cool As you choose, one thing is certain: the taste and quality of tap water will always be less than ideal. A step in the right direction towards improved water quality. Whether you choose to purchase bottled water directly from a source (such as a reservoir) or purchase a purifier that can clean and filter tap water at your home, once you have made the initial investment, it is a low cost, one-time cost that will last for years.

Do You Drink Bottled Water Or Tap Water?

In order to understand what makes bottled waters pure, one must first know what makes up spring water. Spring water comes from water springs that have been underground for millions of years. This means that not only does the water have an incredibly long lifespan, but that it is also naturally contaminated with all of the elements and contaminants that humans and animals have come into contact with. These contamination levels are naturally lower than those found in tap water, which means that bottled waters are much safer for consumption. Even though there are some exceptions to this rule, such as with oxygenated water (which has been treated to enhance its oxygenation abilities), most standards set forth guidelines to follow in order to ensure that bottled waters maintain good safety for consumption.

When you are shopping for the right purification system for your home, or office, keep in mind that the easiest and most economical purifiers are those that attach directly to the kitchen faucet or showerhead and require no separate filtering or maintenance. Also keep in mind that you don’t have to stick with the cheapest purifier or the “cheapest of the lot”. Rather, you should focus on getting a purification system that gives you the highest quality of water at the most affordable price. A simple water filter will often do the trick in keeping your family healthy and safe, and even though bottled waters are a wonderful and convenient way to stay hydrated, they may not be the healthiest way to stay hydrated. So, when it comes to drinking bottled water versus tap water, it may just be up to you.